Shevanne Helmer Transformational Life Coach, Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine, RTT Therapist 

"The only journey is the journey within" - Rainer Maria Rilke

My Updates

My passion and conviction that being of service to humanity is my life purpose has pushed me on a path that despite all the challenges is the most fulfilling experience I am living today. 
After spending countless hours during  the last 3 years immersed in Energy Healing, I finally worked up the courage to go even further by embarking on  the 300 hours training at the Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo and I am now a Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine. 
One of the highlights of my energy training was receiving the Rites of the Wombs from Marcela Lobos, author, medicine woman and renowned Shaman. 
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What is shamanism

Shamanism is a spiritual and healing practice that involves connecting with the spiritual realm to access wisdom, guidance, and healing energy. It is one of the oldest forms of spirituality in the world and is still practiced in various forms by many cultures around the globe.


Thank you Shevanne Helmer for your incredible hypnosis/RTT session. Now over two months ago, after having been a persistent smoker for more than 35 years, with the support of Shevanne over Zoom, I have completely stopped smoking. Shevanne led me through a very thorough process that went very deep, all the way to the root cause of why I became so attached to cigarettes for so long! Today I celebrate 2 months of being nicotine free thanks to you Shevanne. Thanks to your guidance, your patience, and for skillfully using the right  words at the right time, you really help me to overcome all my blockages, unlock my courage which enabled me feel enough to be able to do it ! I highly recomend Shevanne’s work! I have tried many other times to quit and this is IT!!


- Marisa 


Womb healing ceremony with Shevanne helped me to reconnect with the power and wisdom of my womb. It helped me to connect to myself on such a deep and profound level that it completely changed my perspective on who I am and what my true power is. Reclaiming this connection evoked deep feelings of presence, power and patience. It helped me to see, experience and define power in a new way, as something that is inherently mine, always available, instead of being something I need to fight for or prove to others. It has helped me to remember who I am. It has helped me to find my way home. Incredible and priceless ceremony every women should experience! 


"Shevanne’s approach to coaching inspires growth, love and self discovery.

Her sessions inspired and pushed me to to explore areas of my life that felt stagnant. I thoroughly enjoyed each session." Cherise


 Digging deep to access energy fields that unlock and unblock capabilities, past, present, and future, can change the trajectory of your life. Shevanne has reminded me that I have everything I need within me to manifest perfect health, well-being, and balance. She has taught me to achieve those goals requires hard work, patience, and practice. Thanks to Shevanne’s spiritual guidance, I am making positive progress in all aspects of ME. - Millicent 


Shevanne is truly a genius. She helped me release my business block. I am so grateful for her to help me kickstart my business. Thank you for blessing me with so much confidence and energy. I feel so charged up. I just love how she understood what I wanted. She sensed what is that I need and gave me the tool that helped me embrace myself truly and fully. Thank you Shevanne. I would recommend everyone that whoever is looking for a true transformation, please connect with Shevanne. 

Thank you Shevanne for everything. I have finally created my Instagram page. Thank you for pushing me to become a better version of myself. - Megha 


Having worked with Shevanne, as a client, I highly recommend her as a shamanic healing practitioner.

Her intuitive skills, her training and her ability to use all of the healing tools that she has at her disposal, make her a top energy healer.

For me, she immediately tuned into my needs and used different healing tools to locate the issue in my body and work with me to facilitate the healing work that I needed to do, with Shevanne’s guidance and her serving as a conduit for healing.

I am very grateful for having worked with Shevanne. - Peter J Quandt



"I had the gift of having a session with Shevanne recently, and was amazed at the ease with which she administers her Shamanic craft. Having a session with her was a thing of pure beauty and magic. Shevanne knows how to hold a very clear and sacred space, is a skilled energy worker, and is very tuned into her clients. I felt securely held, safe, and truly seen in the process. This enabled me to relax and deeply experience the energetic shifts - and those shifts that have stayed with me and informed me since our session weeks ago. Her shamanic skills, along with her other training and experience makes Shevanne the highly effective healer, coach, and energy worker our world so very much needs.  I offer my highest recommendation!"
- Liz


Thank you so much! 

Your ritual and ceremony were genuinely transformative and healing. Not only did it connect me with my mother and the earth in that moment, but it inspired me to reflect on so many things once I left. My thoughts are more pure, and less negative. I released a lot of grief and trauma. I can think about good memories, rather than sad ones. For this I thank you 🙏🏽 

What you’re doing for woman as a whole is absolutely incredible. 





"Shevanne is the most amazing lady. If you’re lucky enough to meet her she will be nothing but an asset to your life. Radiating an effortless positivity Shevanne offers an opportunity for you to step away from your everyday life evaluate the things that matter to you in a very warm and encouraging environment." Anya 


“Shevanne had prepared my Soul Plan and I  had the most wonderful session with her, that I truly consider Life changing for me!
Her session taught me how to trust my intuition and stop living a life of shoulds.
Shevanne inspired me to be unapologetically myself and know that I have the divine support to make my dreams come true!” - Lidia


Things have been going well. I have gone back to work, and I don’t feel as anxious about my safety. I feel stronger and less scared. However I have really really come to understand that I. Ready to transition to something new. In a different area.

I am so grateful for the sessions you have given me. I hope that I can make the impact that you have made on my life on the lives of others. - Navi 


"I worked with Shevanne, during a time of transition in my life. I found her to be very insightful, intuitive and true to her word. 

I appreciated her openness and willingness to work with me and meet me on my level. If you're looking for a coach that is worldly, experienced and both a great thinker with a big heart, she will be the perfect fit." Danielle

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