About Me

My life story is a rich tapestry, blending conventional milestones like marriage and family with a nomadic spirit that embraced unconventional paths. My journey, filled with varied business ventures, failures, and triumphs, is a narrative of love, laughter, sorrow, and the unexpected turns of life.

After a lifetime of introspection, healing my inner child, and confronting past wounds, I am now embarking on a new chapter dedicated to service. My mission is to guide others on their personal quests for self-discovery, purpose, happiness, and deeper meaning.

My path has been shaped by an innate calling towards spirituality and consciousness, leading me through a myriad of healing practices. A significant part of my journey has been my deep dive into shamanism, especially under the guidance of Alberto Villoldo. Studying with shamans around the world and learning from Villoldo himself, I gained a profound appreciation of energy's power and life's interconnected nature.

Another cornerstone of my practice is my training in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), where I had the privilege of learning directly from Marisa Peers. Her teachings and approach have deeply influenced my work, instilling a profound respect for the transformative power of her proven successful method. My RTT training  have been instrumental in shaping my understanding of the mind and its capacity for healing.

Incorporating these learnings, I have developed a unique healing blend that marries shamanism, RTT, hypnotherapy, and spiritual counseling with a dedicated focus on sacred feminine and womb healing. This synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern psychology, and the powerful techniques of RTT enables me to guide individuals, particularly women, towards holistic wellness—embracing the mind, body, soul, and the sacred aspects of feminine energy and womb health.

My work transcends traditional healing, fostering deep transformation. I empower individuals, especially women, to reconnect with their inner wisdom and the power of their sacred feminine essence, aiding in the healing of womb traumas. This journey fosters a path toward purpose, self-discovery, and an integrated balance of mind and soul.

As a contemporary medicine woman and an integrative mind and soul healer, I stand as a bridge between ancient traditions and modern science. My holistic approach reflects my deep connection with Earth's healing energies, embodying the nurturing essence of the sacred feminine. My mission is to be a beacon of hope, inspiring transformation and growth for all, especially those on a journey to reclaim their innate feminine strength and holistic wellbeing.