The Rites of the Womb

The Rite of the Womb, a contemporary ritual, is a very powerful, loving, ceremonial and energetic transmission to heal and restore your womb to her innate, sacred wholeness and strengthen the natural balance of your creative center. This Rite came to Marcela Lobos, a renowned Shaman, medicine woman initiated in the healing and spiritual traditions of the Amazon and the Andes, in a dream where 4 medicines women birthed her, as she birthed a baby representing her ancestral fear and pain that had become a blockage in her womb; these medicine women, who had freed their own wombs, helped to free her of trauma and suffering using the spirit medicine of the jungle, the power of the Jaguar, to heal themselves and thus heal Mother Earth. She was given this Rite to share with women around the world.  It is intended to reconnect you with the sacred feminine principle of your womb. When we initiate this rite we invite the medicine women and the spirits of the Jaguar to be with us as we initiate deep womb healing for ourselves, our ancestral lines and our daughters who have yet to be born

The Rite is connected to the 13 moons, which is reflected in our monthly cycle and is an energetic seed that is planted within your luminous energy field – After the ritual you are invited to continue nurturing this space –on a regular basis preferably at least once a month coinciding with the full moon -  so that you can free yourself from the blocks that stand in your way from creating a beautiful life for yourself and others.  The Rite of the Womb doesn’t take away your stored trauma all at once, it begins the process and initiates a path for you to process and release suffering.

The Womb is a sacred center of consciousness that receives and holds energy and information. So when we release the suffering held in the womb space, we can be releasing medical trauma, miscarriages, grief from abortions, ancestral trauma, sexual wounding, past sexual partners, etc.. we are cleansing that stagnant energy.. and we are free to create life that doesn’t carry the wounds that we have been carrying for so long. By healing ourselves we are joining the lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. These women are keepers of the divine cosmic womb. This healing is essentially not just for us as women here, walking on this planet, but for the collective feminine; for the Goddess that exists in and within the planet, that is all of life. So we receive and become keepers of this rite for our daughters, our mothers, our grandchildren and it extends back into the past and forward into the future.

As an approved practitioner it is my privilege to offer this rite to all women in-person or online. 

I share the Rite of the Womb in group and individually. It is always an honour and deep joy to prepare for this ceremony. As we heal and empower ourselves, and as we acknowledge the wounds of our mothers and grand mothers, forgive and receive forgiveness, we set ourself and our ancestors free of the pain we all have been carrying.

Thank you so much! 

Your ritual and ceremony were genuinely transformative and healing. Not only did it connect me with my mother and the earth in that moment, but it inspired me to reflect on so many things once I left. My thoughts are more pure, and less negative. I released a lot of grief and trauma. I can think about good memories, rather than sad ones. For this I thank you 🙏🏽 

What you’re doing for woman as a whole is absolutely incredible.